Thursday, January 4, 2018

What Happens When Young Boys Were Asked To Slap A Girl In Front of Them?

What Happens When Young Boys Were Asked To Slap A Girl In Front of Them?

A video that shows how there are still gentlemen out there even at a young age goes viral. The video shows boys were asked to slap a girl in front of them. Their reactions to the order is very amusing and heartwarming.

The video was uploaded on to find out how kids react to the serious and important subject of violence against women. Ii is a very strong and wonderful campaign to raise awareness how domestic violence against women should be condemned and stopped all over the world.

The video starts with a narrator asking the boys what they like about Martina, the girl in the video. The narrator then asks the young boys to caress her. Suddenly, the video took a shocking turn as the narrator becomes an angry man and asks the boys to slap Martina.

The boys got shocked with the sudden turn of events, The narrator even repeatedly encourages the boys to “slap her hard.” Despite the threatening voice and orders the narrator gave to the young boys, All of the boys refused to slap Martina and even told the narrator that no one should hit girls and they do not want to hurt girls because they are not comfortable doing it. One of the boys even reinforced that “Jesus doesn’t want us to hit others.”

Truly the video has gone viral and it will raise more awareness about domestic violence. The video has been watched on YouTube over 4.3 million times in just two days which is a good sign that the message is being passed on all overt the world.

Watch The Video Here: 


How would you react if someone randomly asks you to slap a boy or a girl in front of you?

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