Monday, January 15, 2018

Village Captures Orangutans and Used Them as Prostitutes

Village Captures Orangutans and Used Them as Prostitutes

They say that every living thing in this world deserves some respect. Just like Mother Earth, though there are lots of people who tries to scalp all of its natural resources, there are still people who are active on making a stand against it. Same with Animals, Several animal protection groups are spreading the word about condemning animal cruelty and also stopping the abuse for the poor animals. Even if you are not an animal lover, this news about a village that's known to be a "prostitute village" takes pride on capturing Orangutans to use them as "Sex Slaves" to the locals and foreign visitors who are willing to pay a hefty amount of money to use the innocent orangutans to satisfy their unusual lust.

Meet Pony, an Orangutan in Borneo who was luckily got rescued years ago from a "prostitute village", the village got known for its rampant exploitation taking place every day in the expense of the innocent orangutans. Pony had been held as a sex slave in a village, she was tied by her ankle to a wall on a mattress. Her body was shaved every day to give her that appealing look to attract men who came to pay to have sex with her. The rescue for Pony was not an easy ride since whenever anyone tries to save her, they were threatened by villagers with poison-tipped sticks and other weapons.

It took a lot of time, advocates, mercenaries, and of course, money to have Pony freed from the prostitution den where she was being held captive by the locals of the village. They don't want Pony to get away from them because there are people who goes to their village who happens to practice bestiality and it was proven that Pony is their moneymaker.

Aside from prostitution, Orangutans are also facing a lot of problems such as losing their natural habitat as their trees were being cut off to make way for plantations which leads to their brutal and gruesome deaths, Which makes their species endangered. Some stories of how this poor orangutans lost their mothers by the hands of greedy human beings. They kill the mothers of the orangutans and takes their babies to exploit, sell or even make them as pet toys.  It is estimated that their species will be extinct by this year, 2015.

A petition is currently circulating, directed to Dana Kartakasuma at the Ministry of Environment in Jarkarta, Indonesia. The petition aims to stop the use of Orangutans for prostitution immediately. Everyone is encouraged to lend their voices to these poor animals who were being brutally exploited, murdered, sold, etc. You can also send an e-mail directly to Mr. Kartakasuma to demand an end to the exploitation and murder of Orangutans at the following contact information:

Mr. Dana A. Kartakusuma, Ministry of Environment
JI. D. I. Panjaitan Kebon Nanas
Jakarta - 13410
Tel: + 62 21 851 7148, + 62 21 8590 4937
Fax: + 62 21 851 7147, + 62 21 859 04937
E-The Controversial Files


Animals deserves to have their lives lived by them, on their own conditions. They don't deserve this type of humiliation, exploitation and prostitution.

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