Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mysterious Island Captured On Mars

Mysterious Island Captured On Mars

The Universe is full of wonders and its known for its ways of surprising us with their mind-blowing facts that's possible to discover through the help of our technology. Mars is known for its long list of unusual formations for human beings to look and discover other forms of life or species.

Recently, An image captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was described by NASA as an "enigmatic landform." It features a 1.2-mile width and is in circular shape. It is located in the Athabasca region of Mars, home to some of the planet's youngest lava flows. The smooth areas around it are those lava flows. The image is also described by some as an island. For it has some resemblances to a normal island on earth.
"Perhaps lava has intruded underneath this mound and pushed it up from beneath. It looks as if material is missing from the mound, so it is also possible that there was a significant amount of ice in the mound that was driven out by the heat of the lava." - NASA

It was noted by NASA that images like this have the same features to their list of discoveries as well. They are still not able to identify what truly it is and where it came from or what is its real origin.

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