Saturday, January 27, 2018

Couple Begs Official To Let Their 4-Year Old Daughter Die

They say that in every family, Parents find it hard to see their children go sick or hurt. The parental instinct is always known to be very protective and loving, It's like they will do anything to shield their child from pain and agony. But how would you react if your own parents beg your doctors to have you die instead?

Couple Begs Official To Let Their 4-Year Old Daughter Die

A couple from China who happens to be parents of a four-year-old child named Zhao Zihan who was stricken with eye cancer wants their own daughter die instead. The parents firmly believes that it's not good for their daughter to live her life anymore as they she her to be suffering all the time. They already begged officials to allow her life to end as soon as possible.

It has been two years ago when Zhao Zihan got diagnosed with cancer, Ever since she got diagnosed, her parents said that their daughter only lives her life as a nightmare filled with numerous hospital visits and painful medical treatment. Her lefty eye was already removed but it did not eradicate the cancer cells from penetrating her body, She now have a massive painful growth on the side of her neck.

"We can't bear to see her like this anymore.She is suffering all the time, and we have taken her every hospital and every specialist that we could, and everyone has told us it incurable. There is no hope." - Zhao Lipeng, 27-Year old dad of Zhao Zihan


It was confirmed by the hospital that her condition is already terminal and incurable. The said confirmation and multiple painful medical processes they went through, He and his 25-year-old wife Lili had finally made a heartbreaking decision to end their daughter's suffering instead of letting her live in agony
"We want her to leave this life peacefully, not in agony." - Zhao Lipeng
Though mercy killing or also known as Euthanasia is already legal to some parts of the world, It is still illegal under current Chinese law, which makes it hard for the parents of Zhao Zihan to have her die instead of going to numerous medical treatments.

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