Sunday, January 14, 2018

ATM Explodes In Robber's Face: A Case of Karma?

ATM Explodes In Robber's Face: A Case of Karma?

Criminals nowadays are more brave and equipped with a lot of plots on how they can get their job done, that's why people are being advised to take extra care of their belongings at all times. Even ATM machines are not that safe as well since criminals have found ways on how to easily steal money from it. But, not all the time bad guys wins and that notion is proved by this viral video that shows a man trying to break into an ATM found his own karma.

The masked man puts some type of explosive onto the ATM machine and then started to light a match. Just when he thought that he is doing all fine, a fireball blew up and threw the robber to the ground. Truly he got a taste of his own medicine and bad luck for him because his mishap is recorded and now spreading all over the Internet.

Watch the video here:


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