Friday, December 1, 2017

Man Spends Thousands To Meet Online Girlfriend, Then Beats Her Upon Seeing In Person

Man Spends Thousands To Meet  Online Girlfriend, Then Beats Her Upon Seeing In Person

Too much love can really hurt or in some instances, can kill you. Nowadays, a simple citizen can look for love in various ways. You can do the old traditional way or you can join the "in" crowd and log in to multiple dating sites i hopes of meeting their one true love in a matter of minutes, hours or days.

Love knows no boundaries and that was proven by a "crazy in love" man who didn't bother flying a thousand miles to just meet his online girlfriend which looks like a goddess on Wechat. The premise of their love story can be related to other romance flicks we have seen but unfortunately, their love story did not have an happy ending as the guy ended up beating up her online girlfriend when they met personally for the first time.

According to a Chinese website Viral Cham, the guy named Huang met Xiaojin (not the real name) on social media was quickly loves trucked by the photo showed by his online girlfriend, Xiaojin. The girl on the photos showed undeniable mesmerizing beauty; rosy skin, oval-shaped face, charming pair of eyes and a sweet smile that no man can ignore. The two got along very well and decided to meet up personally and that's the time the sweet story turned sour.

Huang is from China’s northeastern part of Harbin. He flied a thousand miles to be with Xiaojin which came from southeastern province of Suzhou. The travel had cost Huang more than a thousand dollars, but he did not cared at all since it is for his girlfriend who looked like a Goddess.

When they finally met, the guy felt he was cheated as his girlfriend does not look like the Goddess he has seen on social media. The silky white skin and rosy cheeks from the pictures were actually filled with acne in real life.

“You can’t be (real namewithheld), right? How can there be such a huge difference?” - Huang

“It’s me. It’s just that the photo had been edited and I was wearing makeup. This is my bare face.” - Xiaojin

The argument heats up and inevitably turns into physical attacks. Huang filled with anger suddenly beats the girl in public. She received bruises on one of her arms and hand. The two was taken in to a police station to stop the assaults. Xiaojin confessed that the pretty pictures were done with the help of a mobile application Mei Tu.

As soon as Xiaojin admitted putting on too much makeup effects on her photos, Huang's hopes and dreams of having a happily ever after got ruined. He returned to his hometown with a broken heart.

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