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Little Boy Is The Reincarnation of His Own Grandfather?

Little Boy Is The Reincarnation of His Own Grandfather?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe that already deceased people can return to the mortal world in the presence of another individual? Can it be also possible that you can be reincarnated and live your "new" life with the same people you have shared your life in the past before?

A little boy named “Sam” is showing that the idea of reincarnation can be really true and we can still remember who we are and who are the people we have met from the past even though your living in a new body. Sam was only 18 months old when his family saw proofs that he might be his grandfather's reincarnation. It all started when his father was changing his diaper.

Sam told his father:
“When I was your age, I used to change your diaper.”
Another incident that shocked Sam's family was when he made statements while checking out old photo albums of their family. Sam's father knew that his son, Sam did not get to see the face of his grandfather, only his grandmother who passed away when he was 4 years old. Sam's father showed the album to his son and when they are browsing the photos on the album. Sam made another startling statement when he saw his grandfather with its own car.
“That’s my car.” 

Sam's mother can't fully believe what's happening and she started to test if her son is really the incarnation of his grandfather by showing a picture of his grandfather as a young boy alongside other young boys to make it hard for Sam to really prove that he is his own grandfather's reincarnation. Sam's mother was shocked when Sam was able to recognize his grandfather on the picture by saying:
“There I am.”
Sam's mother still tried to test her son and said, that’s your grandfather. But Sam replied in full conviction that it is really him.
“No, that’s me,” 
Sam’s mother can't seem to believe the reincarnation thing and tried to asked Sam if he can remember anything else from his past life. To her surprise, Sam said:
"(someone) turned my sister into a fish.” - Sam
“Who?” - Sam’s mother
 “Bad men.” - Sam
Sam's grandfather’s sister had been a victim of murder and her corpse was gruesomely dumped in a body of water. Sam’s parents said that their son would not have heard this story before.

Dr. Jim B. Tucker from the Psychiatric Department of the University of Virginia has explored more than 2,500 cases of children remembering their past lives. Tucker even said that Sam's startling knowledge about his grandfather is impressive and can be an indication that he may really be his grandfather's reincarnation. Tucker also took parental enthusiasm into account. He recorded the initial attitude of parents has nothing to be correlated between it and what their children has reported.

Watch the video here:


There are a lot of stories of reincarnation manifested by young kids that would really shock anyone and Sam's story can be one of those.

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