Friday, December 8, 2017

Haunting Images Of A Smoker’s Blackened Lungs In 15-30 Years Time Seen Through CCTV

Haunting Images Of A Smoker’s Blackened Lungs In 15-30 Years Time Seen Through CCTV

If there's a list of things that most people are addicted to, that list won't be completed without cigarettes. Cigarettes are known for the danger it might cause anyone who abuses it but there are some people who just cannot get shake off their fascination with it.

There are many substitutes for cigarettes that's already available in the market but truth be told, people still want the "real deal." Smokers may defend using cigarettes as their stress reliever or the one who can calm their nerves but one thing's for sure, cigarette smoking does not only endanger its smoker, people around that person can get his/her life in grave danger as second hand smoke is far more dangerous compared to first hand smoking.

Despite various reminders from tv/online/publications regarding its long term effects, patronage to cigarettes is still rising. One factor that may influences a smoker not to take this ads seriously is the outside appearance of majority of smokers. They don't look old at all. This thinking may not lead to an aspiring smoker to try it then eventually get addicted to it.

But if you are doing constant check-ups, you will soon realize that your body system is actually suffering from the inside, very different from what you see on the outside appearance of most smokers.. It is known that the lungs are the most affected organ and put into compromise when it comes to smoking. And to further give you an idea on how smoking makes your lungs suffer and look old inside, here's some GIF’s to wake you up. The following images shows the difference between a 15-year-smoker to a 30-year-smoker.

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