Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dead Grandma's Face Bizarrely Shows Up on Baby's Ultrasound Scan

Dead Grandma's Face Bizarrely Shows Up on Baby's Ultrasound Scan

Technology, as we always say has revolutionize how we view things in life. Truly a huge help to make use of our time and efforts in a more productive way. Just like in the medical world, technology helped to give anyone a glimpse on what their health has in store for us. And if you;re pregnant or had experienced being pregnant, you surely have encountered the ultrasound. It is used for you and your physician to monitor the baby's condition, its gender, its features, etc. But what if the simple medical equipment can send shiver down your spine?

A couple from Sidcup, London namely Jon and Lindsay McHale was shocked to see their unborn baby “Madison” an ultrasound scan results. The 4D scan showed that baby Madison is not the only one on Lindsay's womb that time, as a face was seen on the 4D scan result.
“We didn’t see it at first but my mum was in the hospital with us and she said she had seen it on the screen. She told us to take it home and watch it, and that’s when we noticed it.” - Jon McHale

The familiar face who showed up on their first child’s scan was believed that it looked just like Jon’s grandmother Kathy, who already passed away. The couple believes that Grandma Kathy is their child's guardian angel.
“I didn’t know what to think at first. It was just strange, but it wasn’t a worried feeling. We like to think it’s Madison’s guardian angel, watching over her.” - Jon McHale

Madison is now 6 years old and loved to watch the said video of her and her late grandmother's bonding moment on her mom's womb.
“We have to point out the face to her but she always does a little smile and then gets a bit embarrassed,” - Jon McHale
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