Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Can This Be a Jesus Christ Apparition Through a Smoke Plume?

Who would have thought that during a fire accident, An alleged holy apparition can happen? An incident that took place in Fresno, California is being talked about for a mysterious image that suddenly appeared in a smoke plume during a fire rescue situation.

The incident took place in a duplex property, The woman who videotaped the incident started capturing it when she saw a good Samaritan rushing to go inside the burning duplex to help.

Can This Be a Jesus Christ Apparition Through a Smoke Plume?
"No, there's a man inside!"
Things started to give them a different feeling when a cloud of smoke started to morph into a face just the same time when a man carrying another man is said to be exiting the building.
"You see Jesus in the smoke, and then the person gets saved. That's, that's right there not a coincidence," Wyatt Forker to

An eyewitness to the incident named Wyatt Forker firmly believed that the face they saw on the smoke plume was the face of Jesus Christ.

Since then, people started speculating that Jesus Christ truly made an apparition on the smoke plume while osme dismissed it and said it may be edited or unreal. When asked if the said image of Jesus Christ in the some plume is true, Monsignor Raymond Dreiling and the Catholic Diocese of Fresno did not give a solid answer about its veracity since they said that it may be a case of coincidence or a sign,
"Is that God speaking to us? In a specific way, no. But, for people of faith, we can say,this is a hint for us," Monsignor Raymond Dreiling to
Up until now, whether it is Jesus Christ who have appeared on the smoke is real or not is still being debated. One study at Northwestern University says that the reason mostly people can see Jesus in smoke, pizza or etc is because our brain is accustomed to find for familiarity and definition in the most abstract situations.

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