Monday, December 11, 2017

8-Foot-Tall Ghost Apparition Near Henry VIII's Haunted Palace Caught on Family Picture

What if a family bonding unexpectedly turns to a creepy encounter with the dead? How would you react to it? A teacher and her family got to experience the same thing and they totally did not expected to see what they have seen on one of their candid photos.

8-Foot-Tall Ghost Apparition Near Henry VIII's Haunted Palace Caught on Family Picture

Britain - A teacher named Debbie Monteforte together with her husband and son tries to enjoy Christmas at King Arms Hotel but they were given an eerie encounter.  Debbie took a photo of her husband Alex and their son Raphael. The photo taken looks normal at first glance but when you look in closer, you are definitely gonna get creep out. It is said that there's a woman on the right side of the photo.

It can be seen at the top-right corner of the grainy image, there is a tall ghostly figure that seems to lingering in the background of Debbie's husband and son. One family friend shared how the family noticed the ghostly apparition.

“Debbie took the pic and thought nothing of it. But when they looked at it on a computer it was plain to see the haunted face of a woman wearing a long dark coat behind them. The family insists there was no one standing behind them and there was no place to hang a coat. Even if there was someone standing there, they would have to be 8ft tall to appear like that. It’s beyond spooky.”

The Kings Arms Hotel is known as one of Britain’s oldest pubs The 300-year-old hotel, near King Henry VIII’s former residence is also famous for its chilling past.

A story took place in the 19th century, a boy was said to have seen his mother hanged in the said building. The young boy was so shocked to see the sight of her mother dead and got disturbed by it. The young boy unfortunately decided to end his life as well by throwing himself out a window and died. Ever since that creepy incident, The ghosts of the boy and her mother goes back to the pub to create terror and give fear to everyone who will see them lingering in the old hotel.

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