Saturday, November 18, 2017

Woman Claims She Experienced Numerous Abductions By Extraterrestrial Creatures

Woman Claims She Experienced Numerous Abductions By Extraterrestrial Creatures

It is totally a nightmare for anyone to experience getting kidnapped by strangers and it is even creepier if you have been abducted by extraterrestrial creatures. But what would you feel if you have been abducted by reptilians not just one, not twice but multiple times? If you are curious on how someone can be able to survive that dreaded experience, then you should listen to the story of Samantha McDonald.

Samantha McDonald claims that she was abducted by reptilians numerous times. She recounted her nightmare-ish experience to a sceptical Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on "This Morning." Samantha told them that she has already been experiencing supernatural activities since the early 1990s until last year. Samantha described her extraterrestrial abductors as ‘the reptilians’ and ‘the greys.’
‘I’ve asked them what they want with me and they have said they had come to take me and my family. What they were after was my energy and soul essence. I don’t know why they keep coming back to me. I think it is to do with my energies as I’m into healing and meditation.’ - Samantha McDonald 

The host asked Samantha what happens next when she gets abducted by the "reptilians", Samantha admitted that she cannot recall and she don't have memories of that specific portion on her abduction.
‘You don’t always remember the abductions because you have memory swipes. You just feel like you have been somewhere but you don’t actually remember it.’ - Samantha McDonald 
The hosts asked Samantha if this could only be a dream-like experience that most of us also experiences sometimes. Samantha replied no with conviction.

‘No definitely not. I’ve woken up with marks all over my body and been possessed – sometimes to the point of mind control where thoughts come into your head that are not your own. I can’t explain it any other way.’ - Samantha McDonald 

Samantha shared that right after she gets abducted, She will always wake up and see her body filled with bruises, scratches and needle puncture marks. When she got asked if she is scared for another abduction in the future, Samantha bravely responded:
‘I’ve been through so much already I try to take it in my stride,’ - Samantha McDonald 
Woman Claims She Experienced Numerous Abductions By Extraterrestrial Creatures

Samantha also revealed that her extraterrestrial experiences may have led to her being put under surveillance on planet Earth. The reason for that conclusion was supported by her statement that she often have black helicopters over her house and police always follow her wherever she goes.
‘‘I think they are trying to send the message, “we are watching you, you better be careful” - Samantha McDonald 
It may be hard to believe stories like this but what if there's really a group of reptilians hovering over our skies to look for their next victim? Would you still be able to survive and live to expose them just like what Samantha did?

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