Monday, November 27, 2017

Woman Bleeds To Death Due to S*x Encounter with a "Ghost" Stranger

Woman Bleeds To Death Due to Sex Encounter with a "Ghost" Stranger

It is common knowledge that there are people who likes to communicate with the dead to send and receive an important message that's essential to anyone involved's present condition. There are some who does it for fun, just to try it out but ends up regretting it. What if you are not really up for any contact with any ghost but they still find ways to interact with you and worse, abuse you that may bring you to your own death?

The story of a woman from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe may be the perfect example of that creepy and inexplicable situation. A woman named Sithabile Mpofu apparently died of excessive bleeding after allegedly having sex with a ghost she reportedly met at a city nightspot from Pumula East high density suburb.

Before she dies, Mpofu tells her sister what happened to her. She said that she got so shocked to find herself with no clothes on while lying on top of a grave at Luveve Cemetery. It is believed that it is the place where the alleged ghost had taken her for an overnight spooky encounter. She told her sister that she got lured by the ghost by saying that it is best to stay the night at "his house" after they both agreed to sleep together for the night.

But before they get to his place, Mpofu shared to her sister that she noticed something strange on her date. While they were in a commuter omnibus, she saw that her companion's eyes were bizarrely white and blinking in an unusual way. The man apparently disappeared for a short while along the way before he emerged, instructing the driver to drop them.

After dropping off to his place, the next thing she can only remember is finding herself on top of a grave with no clothes on. She hurriedly got dressed up and went home to alert her sister about what happened to her. It is reported that while she was telling the creepy story to her sister, she was crying and bleeding at the same time.

Her sister took her to their rural home in Esiphezini area near Esigodini, it is where her condition got deteriorated before she was taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals where she eventually died. A close relative even confirmed that she died after complaining of having slept with a 'man' who she suspected was a ghost and her excessive bleeding is one of the adverse allergic reactions to that spooky night.

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