Sunday, November 26, 2017

Shocking Proof About Aliens: Real Existence

Shocking Proof About Aliens: Real Existence

It is undeniable that the quest for the origins of extraterrestrial creatures such as alien gets aggressive as time goes by. And another proof of aliens being real comes up and will totally shock you.

A documentary which contains an interview with a ‘Grey’ alien, an intriguing part from a lecture made by Phil Schneider. Schneider is a government geologist and engineer. He got murdered in what appeared to be a military-style execution in 1996. He spoke out about government cover-ups, secrets and etc.

In the last part of the said video, he’s spotted with his best friend Ron Rummel, who was found dead shortly before the publication of a book he had written regarding the true purpose of the Star Wars project. It also features a confession with a former CIA agent. On his deathbed confession, he discusses Eisenhower’s intention to invade Area 51 and reveals disturbing information about Roswell, spacecrafts and Greys.


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