Saturday, November 25, 2017

Pastor Has Sex with Congregants to Free them From Demons

 Pastor Has Sex with Congregants to Free them From Demons

In a world full of opposing beliefs about religions, It would be hard for anyone to choose which religious belief they will use for their daily lives. It would be even harder to pick if you hear stories that taints the credibility of a specific religious sect. Just like what the story of a Pastor and his sexual acts with other people.

The 48-year-old pastor named Mpho Moletsane came from Fochville in Gauteng. He is being accused of using a bizarre method to help people suffering apparently due to being possessed by demons. The pastor is reportedly used it a reason to have sex with those people. The pastor allegedly slept with women that was believed to be possessed by demons. He performed sex with them to free them from demons. The controversial pastor got the ire of his congregation and it was enough to have him expelled from the church. Though he got expelled, he is now starting on his own.

Several residents are fearing the pastor's controversial method to be performed to them in the future. They have fears of him as he may start having sex with their children. A concerned church member named Sarah Ramphomane interviewed by the Daily Sun confirmed that he was targeting her relative's daughter.
 "He came to tell us she was possessed by the spirit of lust and that he was going to pray for her but instead he started sleeping with her! We wonder what kind of deliverance that is. He's a fake. We don't want a pastor who is a wolf in sheep's clothing," - Sarah Ramphomane 
Sarah even said that the controversial pastor once prayed for her daughter, who was allegedly possessed by Satan.
 "She was cured but we're very surprised to see what he's doing now, She claimed because she was against the pastor, he was spreading rumours that she was involved in evil deeds. If his intention is to paint me as evil in my community he won't win," - Sarah Ramphomane 

 The mother of the girl named Dintletseng Seeri, expressed her disgust towards the pastor's bizarre ways.
 "He's telling us she's possessed but then he sleeps with her. He has now damaged my relationship with my daughter. She left home and we don't know where she is. I hate this man," - Dintletseng Seeri 

 The controversial Pastor admitted to sleeping with the young girl.
 "But nobody is going to stop me from fighting evil," - Mpho Moletsane

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