Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ningen: The Mystery Of Underwater Monster

Ningen: The Mystery Of Underwater Monster

Have you heard about Ningen? Ningen is described as a gigantic mermaid-like creature that exists in the icy waters of the Antarctic. Rumors have stood the test of time in Japan regarding Ningen's existence. Ningen is said to be seen frequently at night. If you happen to take a photograph of it, A Ningen mostly looked like normal icebergs, their smooth, human-like skin when the photo is zoomed in sets Ningen's appearance apart from an iceberg.

Ningen was reported to be seen by officials who are under the "whale research" ships, they described Ningen as a completely white in color creature with an estimated length of 20 to 30 meters. They are said to have a human-like forms, other eyewitnesses said that they have fins and a tail that resembles a mermaid's tale instead of human legs. The only visible facial features of a Ningen are the eyes and the mouth.


One sighting of Ningen tells a story of  crew members on deck who have observed a foreign submarine in the distance. They approached what they taught to be a submarine and by that time the crew members realized that it is not something man--made, It was a living thing. The said creature immediately disappeared under water living its witnesses in shock.

Ningen is acknowledged as an urban legend. A popular thread was dedicated for Ningen and it succeeded on attracting attention of many readers leading to a Japanese publication to devote a study that features an article about the Antarctic humanoids. The article for Ningen shows speculations about the high chances of finding unidentified creatures underwater, most likely in the southern seas. The said article even showed a Google Maps screenshot that may resemble what a Ningen looks like.

Up until now, There are no concrete proof about the existence of Ningen in southern seas, There are rumors that the local government have already detailed information and studies about it but decided not to bring it up on public and even instructed eyewitnesses to remain the information to themselves.

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