Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Israel Defense Forces Encourages People to be Prepared from Extraterrestrials Attacks

Israel Defense Forces Encourages People to be Prepared from Extraterrestrials Attacks

According to the Israel Defense Forces, we should be prepared from the extraterrestrial attacks that will take place in the near future. And to instill that thought to everyone, IDF  made some training exercises and their premise to the said exercise goes like this.
Lights appear in the dim night sky. An unknown number of alien spaceships are descending on Earth. The world’s inhabitants take refuge in shelters. Time is running out. How would the Israel Defense Forces face this alien invasion threatening to destroy the world?

IDF used the premise for their training exercise for their computer programming unit called "Ofek", the exercise aims to give its participants the idea of how important a cyber defense is when aliens attacks us,

 “The participants of the exercise work daily on developing operational programs for the air force,The goal was to make them understand the importance developing [cyber] defense. We adapted the exercise to Generation Y, which loves challenges. So we prepared the framing story of an alien invasion" - Lt. Col. Meir,commander of the engineering unit

During the exercise, teams competed against each other to hack the intended system we built for them,We wanted them to understand the importance of guarding the secrecy of [air] force information,” - Maj. Gil, head of the cyber department

Israel is known to have been the most target of cyber attacks, it is evident during the 50-day conflict between the clashing Israel and Hamas. Hamas was able to infiltrate the civilian communication systems.  There's also a report from The Jerusalem Post which states that hackers from Gaza has launched cyber attacks against Israel using a pornographic material video clip.

The Israel Cabinet approved recently the formation of a National Cyber Authority to join forces to Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB), together they will focus on preventing cyber attacks to the civilian sector.

“Cyber threats can paralyze nations. This is a strategic threat that can paralyze and hurt no less than other threats in various fields and we must be prepared to for it on the national and international levels,” - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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