Friday, November 3, 2017

ISIS Member Converts To Christianity After Being Able To Return From Afterlife

ISIS Member Converts To Christianity After Being Able To Return From Afterlife

They say that people who have happen to acquire near-death experiences tends to change their lives for the better once they get their life and safety back. That belief may be proven true by an ISIS member.

An ISIS jihadist made headlines when he decided to convert to Christianity after being left for dead near the Eastern border of Syria. His condition was worse than what he have expected but good thing, he was saved by Christian missionaries from the said region.

The ISIS member miraculously had survived multiple gun shot wounds after an attack between ISIS and Syrian Army forces. The members of the Christian organization gave the man a proper Christian burial and carried him over 26 kilometers before the man miraculously came back to life as he was believed to have died from excessive bleeding from wounds. As the man returns back to life, he  talked to a priest named Hermann Groschlin. He shared to the priest the visions he had whilst in the afterlife which made him decide to join Christianity.
“He told me that he was always taught that to die as a martyr would open him the Gates of Jannah, or Gates of Heaven” recalled the priest. “Yet, as he had started to ascend towards the light of the Heavens, devilish entities, or Jinns he called them, appeared and led him to the fiery pits of Hell. There he had to relive all the pain he had inflicted upon others and every death he had caused throughout his entire life. He even had to relive the decapitations of his victims through their own eyes. Then God, spoke unto him and told him that he had failed miserably as a human soul, that he would be banned from the Gates of Heaven if he chose to die, but that if he chose to live again, he would have another chance to repent of his sins and walk along God’s path once again”
The young man now lives amongst the members of the Catholic presbytery who rescued him. He recovered so fast that some thinks that a miracle was in works during his recovery. The young man also hopes that his story will help other ISIS fighters to change their beliefs and ways.

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