Saturday, November 11, 2017

Humongous Moon-like Object With Lights Captured In Carolina Twilight Sky

Humongous Moon-like Object With Lights Captured In Carolina Twilight Sky

There are various stories/legends/theories on how the Sun and Moon never got close together. There are beliefs that they were once inseparable but something happened along the way, as legends say. Nowadays, it will be impossible for anyone to claim that they have seen the Sun and Moon being so close together but not for Stephanie Davenport who believes that she had captured a breathtaking image showing the sun and moon being close together in the twilight sky. But when she looked closer on her captured image, she somehow realizes that she had captured something unexpected.

Stephanie later realized that the object she photographed actually looked like it had lights all over it. Through close inspection, is it safe to say that she indeed captured something from outer space? Can this image be the proof that there's something larger that we haven't seen from outer space explorations?

According to
She said she snapped the first few photos on Center Drive in Taylors and then snapped a few more on Highway 290. Every time she zoomed in, the strange bright spots appeared in the image. Davenport said she consulted someone who might have the answer: a family member who works for NASA.
According to Davenport, this was what he wrote back, “I think those dots are just pixels in your camera CCD that are over exposed. They are too orderly to be sun spots. Nothing to get excited about.”

Despite the reply she received from someone connected with NASA, Stephanie is still not ready to accept any explanation that disproves her claim.
“That doesn’t make sense to me because the object was behind clouds in some pictures and behind tree branches in others and out in the open in others, I have no idea what it could be or if it really is the moon.” - Stephanie Davenport

Stephanie is driven to know the truth and prove to everyone that what she captured is something groundbreaking. What are your thoughts about it?

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