Friday, November 17, 2017

Demon Caught In Hospital

Hospitals has earned a reputation to be the place where ghosts and other supernatural creatures can be seen. It may be due to the fact that a hospital is also a place wherein some people dies, whether due to failure to survive any disease or  its just their time to go. But would you believe that some of the deaths can be attributed to the presence of a demonic force that lurks in the hospital?

A snapshot from a hospital makes its round on the Internet for its creepy and intriguing background. The snapshot was taken by a nurse from the monitor of their surveillance cameras. The display profile can be seen as very dark. The "demon" on the snapshot" can be seen as it seems to be above the patient whose bedridden. The patient has no idea what's happening during that encounter with the "demon." What's even scarier is the fact that the bedridden patient has died few hours after the apparition of the "demon" on his bed.

Watch the Video here:


Can it be the "demon-like" figure is the one who caused the patient's death? Can he be like the dreaded grim reaper?

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