Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Catholic Priest Who Died for 48 Minutes Claims That God Is Actually A Female

Catholic Priest Who Died for 48 Minutes Claims That God Is Actually A Female

A Catholic priest from Massachusetts was officially declared dead for around 48 minutes before medical team were able to revive his heart with the help of a high-tech machine called LUCAS 2 made headlines as he claims that he got the chance to see the Almighty God and what makes his claim controversial is due to his statement that God is actually a female.

Meet Father John Micheal O’neal, he was declared dead for 48 minutes but good thing that the doctors  managed to revive his heart to a normal rhythm. The only concern that time was the huge possibility that he might suffer brain damage from the incident. But a miracle did happen as Father O’neal woke up less than 48 minutes later and showed signs that he have perfectly recovered from the incident.

The 71-year-old priest claims that during his 48 minutes of being dead, he had the chance to go to heaven and actually met God. People were shocked as O'neal described God as a warm and comforting motherly figure.

According to reports:
The elderly man claims that he has clear and vivid memories of what happened to him while he was dead. He describes a strange out-of-body experience, experiencing an intense feeling of unconditional love and acceptance, as well as being surrounded by an overwhelming light.
He claims that at that point in his experience, he went to heaven and encountered God, which he describes as a feminine, mother-like “Being of Light”. 
The declarations of the cleric caused quite a stir in the catholic clergy of the archdiocese over the last few days, causing the Archbishop to summon a press conference to try and calm the rumors. 
Despite the disapproval of his superiors, Father O’neal says that he will continue dedicating his life to God and spread the word of the “Holy Mother”.
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston cannot confirm yet if they will allow Father O’neal to resume his preaching practices in his former parish in South Boston.

“I wish to continue preaching, I would like to share my new knowledge of the Mother, the Son and the Holy Ghost with all catholics and even all Christians. God is great and almighty despite being a woman…” - Father John Micheal O’neal

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