Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another Nun Gives Birth To A Baby, No Idea of Pregnancy as well

Another Nun Gives Birth To A Baby, No Idea of Pregnancy as well

There might be something mystical that's happening behind the convent nowadays as another nun reportedly gave birth to a baby. And just like the previous article, The nun is also unaware of her pregnancy. What she felt as a stomach pain led her to know that she is pregnant and it is her due date as the stomach pain was apparently called as "Labor Pain"

The South American nun shocked her sisters and mother superior of the convent as she gave birth to a baby boy. The nun showed no signs of pregnancy and her sisters does not see any trace of pregnancy as well. The nun came from an order in Macerata, in the eastern Italian region of Le Marche. She claims no knowledge that she was bearing a child when she was rushed to hospital due to severe stomach pains.

The case of the South American nun is truly similar to the case of a Salvadorean nun in Italy, who also gave birth to a baby boy last year, whom she named after Pope Francis.

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The South American nun joined the convent in June. It was assumed that she is already pregnant that time. The nun was taken to the emergency department of 'Bartolomeo Eustachio' di San Severino Marche by her fellow sisters. Doctors told them that her chief complaint of abdominal pains is due to impending labor.

The baby was born healthy but still remains in the hospital to undergo series of tests and medical checks. The nun's convent has also expressed an interest in taking care of him when the baby is ready to be discharged.

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