Monday, October 2, 2017

Woman Grows Metal Wires From Her Body; Mysterious Health Condition or Black Magic Curse?

There are a lot of things that never fails to give us the feeling of uneasiness due to its unusual origin. Mysticism would be one factor why some things that are happening nowadays remains to be somehow eerie and controversial.

 Just like the current story of a woman from Indonesia whose tummy created a big news in her home country and soon the world.

Woman Grows Metal Wires From Her Body; Mysterious Health Condition or Black Magic Curse?

A woman named Noorsyaidah, a 40-year-old kindergarten teacher in Sangatta, East Kutaimade who have made it to local and global headlines for having a condition of growing metal wires that is about 10-20 cm long from her body. At first, people just assumed that it is only self-inflicted and she may be looking for attention only but all of those assumptions were dropped when some doctors have given up to further support their own medical theories about her condition.

The woman has been suffering from this eerie condition for almost 17 years and is still being investigated by the Ministry of Health. Early diagnoses shows that the wires truly come inside of her body and up to this day, her condition remains to be idiopathic or unknown..

People started to conclude that her condition is a result of mysticism or occult magic. They believed that she might have got the curse from someone who hates her and that someone uses black magic to make her suffer this eerie and mysterious condition. The family of Noorsyaidah tried their best to help her from removing the wires but they could only remove it for only a day and a new set of wires appears to her body to replace the wires who have fell. The more they try to remove the wires, the more it hurts and the more it grows in numbers.


As of now, She is still under meticulous investigation by 4 medical specialists using several methods of treating her. They have encountered creepy scenarios such as seeing how the metal wires grow inside her body through x-ray and the mysterious tidbit about it is that there's no trace of tetanus on the said wires which makes them believe that her condition is totally like a living phenomenon and the wires have its own will who cannot be controlled. Further tests and evaluation is still being done to help Noorsyaidah get rid of this mysterious curse/condition and recover from the physical and mental trauma she have been experiencing for 17 years.

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