Friday, October 6, 2017

This Couple Is The Living Testament That Love Knows No Size

A couple's story goes viral for being the living proof of unconditional love. Love truly has no boundaries. Love may be blind as it may ignore look, size, status quo, age and gender. It is expected that people will question someone else's intention on marrying a handicapped or anyone that lives with imperfection. It is the cold hard truth but hey, true love still does exist and whether you like it or not, love will always prevail in the end.

This Couple Is The Living Testament That Love Knows No Size

People with disability deserves to love and be loved in return too. The story of Mindle Kniss and Sean Stephenson is the living testament to that belief. Mindie Kniss and his tiny husband Sean Stephensonare who is 2 ft. 8 inch in height are dubbed as the larger than life couple that proves how love knows no boundaries. The couple are both motivational speakers whose paths crossed through the help of a mutual friend in 2009. They got along well and love is in the air as they say. They got married in September 14, 2012.

Mindle Kniss

Sean was born with a rare bone disorder Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bone Disorder. The condition is described as stunts anyone's growth and causes bones to be extremely fragile. His condition did not hindered their love story to bloom, it only proved how love can be so powerful that imperfections cannot stop the romance brewing in to two different people.

The couple has their own version of happily ever after as they now live in Scottsdale, Arizona. But, internet users really don't get their love story as they accused Mindie of only loving Sean for conveniency.

Sean Stephenson

“Most people think I look past his disability, when his physical differences are clearly obvious. There is full acceptance here. We all have challenges – it’s just his are visible.” - Mindie Kniss

Despite allegations of not being able to have a satisfying sex life due to Sean's condition, the couple shared how good their sex life is.

“Just because he’s disabled doesn’t mean we don’t have an awesome sex life. Our sex life is bigger and better than most couples we know.” Mindie Kniss

Love is truly a powerful force that does not look for anyone's validations as long as the two people shares the same love.


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