Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Terrifying Swedish Rhapsody

The Terrifying Swedish Rhapsody

Do you know numbers stations broadcasts? Number stations are known as shortwave radio stations that broadcasts encrypted messages across the world with the use of creepy music and seemingly freaky people that repeats strings of numbers in a bizarre way.

“This system is completely secure because the messages can’t be tracked, the recipient could be anywhere, It is easy. You just send the spies to a country and get them to buy a radio. They know where to tune and when" - Akin Fernandez, creator of the Conet Project

The track you are about to see in particular is famous for its nightmare-inducing effect due to its clever and creepy way of sending a sinister message using simple and child-friendly tunes. What you will hear is the combination of a distorted ice cream truck music and the voice of little girl speaking German numbers over and over. What makes it creepy? The possibility that this message was used as an order to kill someone.



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