Saturday, October 14, 2017

The McPherson "Alien Abduction" Tape

The McPherson "Alien Abduction" Tape

Throughout the years, the McPherson Tape is still being debated for different reasons. There are beliefs that it is only a hoax, or an  actual proof of an alien attack. There are versions of the said tape and people who watched it are divided on their opinions.  There are two tapes of the McPherson incident and let's see for ourselves which among the two tapes really holds the real alien attack.

“The uncut video footage you are about to see contains the most important evidence yet made public regarding this phenomenon. This evidence is from the Northwoods, Connecticut, U.F.O CASE 77.”

 During a birthday party, the power suddenly goes out. While some family members check the fuse box, they got the shock of their lives as they have found a spaceship out in the woods, and a group of gray aliens. The family goes back at their home but the thing is, the aliens are not gonna let them get away that easily.

The second tape poses as a “documentary”, It allegedly contains footage of an alien abduction that happened on November 27, 1997.

The McPhersons sees an alien craft and there's comes the possibility that the daughter was indeed possessed by the aliens,
“They might not know it but this isn’t the first time for any of them.” - Jeane Sutton 
The footage comes to an end when Tommy McPherson gets a close encounter with an alien in his bedroom. They also claim to use “recently declassified military technology”

The two tapes may or may not hold the real accounts of an alien abduction but one thing's for sure, getting stalked by aliens and worse, being possessed by aliens is truly creepy.

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