Monday, October 2, 2017

The Haunted Tape From The Attic

There are beliefs that certain objects can be haunted and it is because of the emotional attachment of the individual to that object that makes them inseparable even death cannot convene. While there are beliefs that haunted objects are ways of the pressed souls to take their revenge to anyone who have wronged them or worse, to anyone who have not knowingly had contact to the possessed item.

A video from YouTube got popular way back in 2007 due to its scary and creepy premise. The said video was taken from a guy's apartment who recorded himself to show people that there's indeed a haunted entity that lives on their attic.

The man claimed that her girlfriend found the tape on their attic and watched it. Ever since she have watched the tape, She cannot stop herself from having nightmares. Aside from the nightmares that make her restless at night, she even noticed herself to have bruises and it gets bigger and bigger as days goes by as her nightmare becomes too extreme. Lastly, She experienced losing her hair as well.
That's why they have led to a conclusion that the said video tape is indeed haunted.

In the video, The man tries to share what he knows with the haunted tape but something happens along the recording of the video. Make sure to be alert to see what happens to the video. People who have seen the video expressed their sadness and concern for the man who videotaped the said haunting, While some even expressed that after watching the video, they are also experiencing the same tihng; losing hair, having bruises and the nightmares that keep them restless at night.

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