Monday, October 2, 2017

The Curse Of The Suicide Girl Painting

Do you remember the YouTube video that got viral years ago due to its creepy content. Its not only creepy on a sense that you might dream about it at night, It is beyond creepy because there was a curse that goes with it. The said curse that the video is pertaining to is the "Suicide Girl" painting. The curse claims that whoever gets to look at the painting will feel an unexplained feeling of sadness and despair that will lead them to killing their own self just like what the girl who created the painting  did.

The Curse Of The Suicide Girl Painting
The story goes like this,  A teenage girl from Japan drew the haunted picture, scanned it on her computer and posted it online to spread the curse. She killed herself after posting it online. Her curse was that whoever sees the picture on the internet will feel the same pain she felt and take their own lives as well.

This story got viral because it is so inexplicably real for some people as they claimed they have felt also a sudden feeling of pain and sadness. The picture even made them feel hopeless on their lives. The story isn't only big locally, the haunted picture even spread like wildfire to its neighboring countries such as Korea, Philippines, Thailand, etc. There are even various posts around  Korean forums that says that anyone who sees the video gets too drawn to the girl in the picture's blue eyes. They even claimed that they can see a hint of wrath and frustration within those eyes. Therefore, The picture gained its reputation of injecting and translating pain to anyone, that it can provoke sadness just the same to the song ‘Gloomy Sunday," that had its unexplained way of making them feel sad.

Another creepy tidbit to the story is that when a person looks straight into the girls' blue eyes for more than 5 minutes, you will see it move and change from her calm look to distraught look. The said video got popular and the rest is history. There are different reactions from users around the world to this picture. Some are scared, pissed off and making fun of the said picture.


Another version to this creepy story is that this painting was made by a Thai artist and that the girl in the picture is a fictional character named Princess Ruu that was created for an animated movie, Tellurian Sky.

It maybe true or not, but the thought of the curse becoming true to some seems interesting that's why it got famous.

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