Friday, October 20, 2017

Teenager Cuts Off his Own Hand To Cure his Internet Addiction

Teenager Cuts Off his Own Hand To Cure his Internet Addiction

Teens and young kids nowadays are more exposed to the wonders of the internet. The ever-evolving technology amazes everyone but it might also had some consequences as some people may get addicted to it and stop being productive.

A story of how internet addiction can affect someone will be brought to us by a Chinese teenager. Meet the 19-year-old teenager from Nantong, Jiangsu province who desperately wants to end his internet addiction. In order to cure his internet addiction, he cuts off his own hand. The teenager was only known as "Little Wang."

The teenager was rushed to the hospital after using a kitchen knife to cut his left hand. According to Jiangsu TV, the  man chopped his own arm while being seated on a public bench. His mother had gone into his room to find it empty only with a note from her son, the note has this message:
 "Mum, I have gone to hospital for a while, Don't worry. I will definitely come back this evening."
He did cut his left arm at the wrist and left the hand lying on the ground and called a taxi to take him to a nearby A&E. The surgeons at the local hospital were successful in reattaching the hand which was recovered by police. The only problem is that they cannot fully guarantee that it will function just like before.

In China, it was reported that there was about 24 million "web junkies" that's why numerous military-style boot camps are being established to help end the addiction.

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