Friday, October 6, 2017

Genetically Man Got Pregnant And Miraculously Gave Birth To Twins

The world we live in truly offers a lot of mysteries. It may amaze, haunt or give you joy. Just like what happened to a genetically male who was able to get pregnant and gave birth to twins.

Genetically Man Got Pregnant And Miraculously Gave Birth To Twins

Meet Hayley Haynes, looks like a woman but he was genetically male according to doctors. Hayley's story got viral when she miraculously gave birth to twin girls. What makes anyone call it a miracle is due to the fact that she didn’t have a womb of a woman but still managed to have a child.

Hayley knew she was a male when she only turned 19. She turned 19 that time but still didn’t have her monthly period. The unusual absence of it led her to seek medical attention. She got shocked when it was discovered that she is genetically, a man. Doctors confirmed that Hayley was born with the XY chromosome. XY chromosome scientifically makes anyone a man.

Hayley Haynes

What even made her pregnancy unbelievable was the fact that it was also discovered that she didn’t have a womb, fallopian tubes or ovaries. Those body organs are needed for any woman to be able to bear a child.

Fortunately, a new specialist checked her again and Hayley was given the hope of bearing a child as the specialist found a tiny womb which the other doctors may have overlooked. Since then, hayley has undergone hormonal therapy to fully develop her tiny womb. Hayley took years until she got the approval of using IN-VITRO FERTILIZATION wherein Hayley and her husband Sam used an egg donor. After that, she got diagnosed pregnant with twin girls. She gave birth to her twin girls and she is truly happy to see her achievement.

"Becoming a mother was the single most amazing moment of my life. When I held the babies in my arms for the first time I was overwhelmed." - Hayley Haynes

Hayley’s twin girls were named Avery and Darcy. The twin girls were born healthy

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