Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Creepy Humanoid Creature Found In Mexico

It is a no-brainer for anyone to believe that there are a lot of strange things that is taking place in our world. From ghosts to aliens, name it and you can see yourself discovering eerie facts about those strange phenomenons.

But if you thought that the world is running out of stories that triggers your imagination, think again.

Because somewhere in Mexico, something creepy was discovered through a trap set for mouse. What shocking is that it resembles some features of a human being.

Creepy Humanoid Creature Found In Mexico

Metepec, Mexico - The exact place wherein a humanoid creature was caught in a trap set for field mouse. The creature has an appearance to be described as the size of a mouse but the shocking tidbit is that it also looked like a small human being with a long tail.

The ones who discovered the creature was welcomed by the creature's blood-curdling screams. The scream caught the attention of several others who were in the building at the time and set the trap at the said building.


The horrifying screams added to the odd creature terrifying appearance. The men who found it came to a point of wishing that they did not found it as the creature gave them sleepless nights with its numerous howling and screaming

The men was scared to go near its presence for the fear of what the creature can do to them. After some days, the men finally got the courage to face the creature and end its terror. They thought of dousing it in acid to make it stop from letting out screams. However, the dousing of acid caused the mummification of the creature in a more horrifying appearance.

Scientist were still looking for answers as to what this creature's real origin is. Series of testings and studies are ongoing for the quest of this creature's roots.

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