Monday, October 2, 2017

Child Mummy Open And Close Her Eyes

A very creepy story about a young girl who died is making waves right now. The story is all about a young Rosalia Lombardo who was only two years old when she died from the deadly disease pneumonia back in 1920. Her family especially her father was so heartbroken at the sudden loss of his beloved daughter. Her father asked someone to mummify her.

Roslaiea's mummified body can now be found on Capuchin Catacombs under Sicily’s Capuchin Convent. Rosalia is best knoiwn for being one of the world’s best preserved mummies. But that's not only what she's known for. It was said that everyday she appears to move her eyelids to reveal the bright blue eyes beneath.

Child Mummy Open And Close Her Eyes
According to Rossella Lorenzi at Discovery News, Piombino-Mascali also managed to discover the mysterious yet eerie formula used for Rosalia’s impeccable preservation. When Salafia died in 1933, he took the secret of his preserving chemicals to the grave, and for decades no one could figure out how Rosalia could be so perfectly intact after all these years.

Child Mummy Open And Close Her Eyes

“While most of the mummies buried in the catacombs were treated by the monks and basically desiccated by the dry environment, Rosalia was mummified artificially, In 2009 Piombino-Mascali found a handwritten manuscript in which Salafia listed the ingredients used to mummify Rosalia. The formula read: ‘one part glycerin, one part formalin saturated with both zinc sulfate and chloride, and one part of an alcohol solution saturated with salicylic acid” - Rossella Lorenzi


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