Thursday, October 12, 2017

Business Executive Acquired Tumor By Spending 6 Hours A Day On Mobile

Business Executive Acquired Tumor By Spending 6 Hours A Day On Mobile

Health is Wealth but for someone to survive in this world, one must work hard to buy all the things that would make him healthy. That's why some people truly work hard to the point they may put their health at risk, no one can blame them as they are just doing their very best to provide for themselves and to the people they support.

A businessman named Ian Phillips is currently battling a deadly brain tumor. The tumor was believed to be caused by him spending up to six hours a day on his mobile phone. He went ot a hospital to just have a checkup regarding a "bad headache" and ever since that visit, he was told of the bad news regarding his health.

The doctors told him that he only have three years to live.He claims that his cancer was caused by excessive use of his mobile phone. But it is his job, he works as an operations manager for a large firm required him to spend more than 100 hours a month to make calls.

He undergoes chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment in a bid to beat the big C, he is also receiving alternative medicine, changed his diet, and takes on regular exercises. Aside from helping himself get stronger and healthier, he has also launched a campaign to create awareness due to the risks of using mobile phones.

'I spent my working life on my mobile. I would have two -hour conference calls some days. My ear would be red when I left work at the end of the day. I didn't think what it was doing to my brain.’ - Ian Phillips

When he found out about his tumor:

'I was devastated – the first thing I asked the doctors was what had caused it. But I knew right from the start that it was due to my excessive use of my mobile – I was on it all the time. I have spent a lot of time since researching this and the number of brain tumors is going up. I am really concerned about young children using mobiles – their skulls are softer and radiation from these devices can reach their brains more easily.’ - Ian Phillips

‘I was a successful rugby player, extremely fit and I never got ill – not even with a cold. But now I have this. The irony is that the tumor was discovered on one of the diagnostic machines that I installed at hospitals all over the country.They gave me three years to live but I will prove them wrong time and again. The tumor has shrunk to nothing once but it’s back now and I’m having chemo again. But I am convinced that it will disappear again before my current course of chemotherapy is complete.’ - Ian Phillips

Mr Phillips has been forced to quit his £110,000/year job due to his illness. He now spends his time with his girlfriend and his parents watching rugby and visiting the gym four times a week.

‘I will beat my tumor but in the meantime I need to get the message across that mobile phones can be dangerous.I used mine too much, I know that – but people need to be made aware of the risks and start switching to hand-held receivers. It could save their lives.' - Ian Phillips

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