Monday, October 16, 2017

5 Real-Life Hauntings That Will Surely Creep You Out

Horror Movies as of now capitalizes on spooky plots of demon/ghost possessions and the box-office results looks so promising that it inspired other film outfits to follow suit and join the bandwagon of paranormal attacks and mostly there are in forms of "caught on camera" style of editing. In this list, we will tackle 5 paranormal activities that did happen in real life which will totally make you feel uneasy and wished that those things won't happen to you or to anyone you know,

1. Ouija Board Attack

Ouija Board Attack

2012 - A police in Texas responded to a call for an assault involving a deadly weapon. When they arrived at the assault scene, they found two teenagers. One 15-year-old had stabbed the other in the abdomen. The stabbed victim survived the attack after spending several days in intensive care. The suspect faced interrogations and the suspect confessed to them that he had been told by a Ouija board to kill his friend.

2. Mysterious Footprints in Grand Rapids

Mysterious Footprints in Grand Rapids

The Mitten Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan deals with a strange haunting at their historic location for ages. Workers exclaimed that there are ghostly footprints of several children that continues to appear on the wooden floors.

3. Haunted Mirror that unleashes Demons

Haunted Mirror that unleashes Demons

Joseph Birch bought an antique mirror from his landlord and what he thought as a great addition to his decorations/collections turns out to be a vehicle for him to set free a demon. After installing the mirror, Birch and his roommate began to have bizarre and chilling nightmares. There are incidents wherein he saw dark shadows flickering in the mirror they installed. He even awoke in the middle of the night to find red scratch marks all over his body. Birch later sold the haunted mirror on Ebay to get rid of its intense nightmares and demon apparitions.

4. Janet Hodgson, Evil Spirit Victim

Janet Hodgson, Evil Spirit Victim

Meet Janet Hodgson, a victim of an evil spirit that possessed her. She was only 11 years old when it happened. The creepy part of this story is when she was talking to a doctor while she was possessed, the said recording was uploaded and many people found to be disturbed upon hearing it.

Watch the video here:


5. Latoya Ammons and the House of 200 Demons

Latoya Ammons and the House of 200 Demons

Latoya Ammons and her family moved into a new house in Indianapolis and that's when they started to have eerie, supernatural occurrences. It includes swarms of black flies plaguing the family in the middle of December. Creepy sound of heavy footsteps also occurs in the middle of the night. The haunting intensifies as demons began to possess her three children. Ammons contacted Paranormal experts for help and they made a shocking revelation as they tell her that the house they moved into was possessed by at least 200 demons.

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