Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Escanaba Power Plant Explosion Accompanied with Strange Beams of Light

Escanaba Power Plant Explosion Accompanied with Strange Beams of Light

We are all witnesses on the numerous changes that takes place in our environment, but is there a concrete explanation to these changes? .

Just like what happened to Escanaba, residents shockingly awoke to find themselves without power due to a mysterious explosion at a power plant located in Escanaba, Michigan.  The said explosion caused the neighborhood to be covered in darkness.

The explosion was accompanied by a strange light that one reader said "shot straight down from the heavens." While the local media attempted to explain away the light as an oncoming train, most readers weren't buying it. - Allnewspipeline
 Here are the reactions of the residents to the said explosion:

  • "This morning, about 1:15, we had a major malfunction out at the Power Plant substation with an explosion, Which, in turn caused major outages throughout the entire city. We haven't done a situational review yet, We haven't had time, we've been trying to get power. With the outside temperatures this morning down to five or six, we're trying to get people warm." - City Manager Jim O'Toole
  • "My husband works in the power station there, and he called at 1:30 in the morning and said, 'Don't freak out, there's been an explosion but everybody's fine, I knew everybody was safe and no one was hurt. - Escanaba resident Rhonda Goodwin
  • "The temperatures were actually below zero this morning,And, without heat in your home, you're either going to be bundling up or you're going to find a place that's nice and warm to go, and that's what the Warming Center is all about." - Naomi Fletcher, with the Escanaba Civic Center. 
  •  "My roommate and I were asleep for the most part, We got up around 8:30-8:30ish, and it was really, really cold from there on.'' - Escanaba resident Victoria Alvarado
  • " I woke up about 1:30 [A.M.], and the humidifier wasn't running, So, I thought, 'Huh, it must be out of water.' So I get up, I go to the kitchen, flick the light on and I start walking away and I go, 'What the heck, the light didn't go on. This is a good community and I'm glad that I live here, [it's a] great place." - Resident Brian Berkholtz
  • "It could've been the power plant, it could've been my husband, We'd be feeling a whole lot different today than what I'm feeling now, so [I'm] just grateful. It's a good feeling to be able to help, you know? When you see that tiny little baby over there and know that he's warm, and you know, that's all we can do. If I didn't have heat, I'd want somebody to do this for me. It's actually a godsend, because even though we've been here a few years, we do not know a whole lot of people," - Escanaba resident Rhonda Goodwin
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