Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Drunk Student Melted His Own Arm

Drunk Student Melted His Own Arm

Partying is fun and mostly people who attend parties enjoys the festivities and the environment. Sometimes too much enjoyment leads to regrets. Just like what a man had experienced after attending a party. The man is said to be a student who only attended a New Year's party to enjoy the night but things went out of hand and led to him melting his own arm.
‘It really hurt,’ 

The 21-year-old student asked for his identity to remain anonymous as he shared his story to the media. He admitted that he went out for a couple of light beverages with his friends. Things were all going well and fun until he fell asleep against a comfy radiator. When he fell asleep it was turned off but eventually the radiator turned on during the night.

The student was so shocked when he woke up with his arm being melted, He confessed that he needed to "peel himself off" first thing in the morning.
‘The vodka and beers were flying everywhere and I took it a bit far. When I came back I was hammered and I fell asleep against the radiator which was cold at the time. I thought “Jesus, my arm’s stuck on a radiator, what am I going to do?I had to peel myself off. It really hurt.’
The student was rushed to the hospital to have his arm checked and receive medical attention.

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