Monday, December 4, 2017

The Creepy Demonoid from San Diego

The Creepy Demonoid from San Diego

An image of a "monster" apparently shows up on Pacific Beach in San Diego. The sender of the said photo described the monster through an email as a "Chupacabra/Montauk Monster-looking creature". When Dylan was contacted, he referred them to his friend Josh Menard, the 19-year-old snowboarder from Lake Tahoe who was said to be the one who shot the photos.

 Josh undoubtedly believes that the thing he photographed was a living and breathing mutant hell-beast, or can also be a relative member to the Chupacabra bloodline. The "monster" was estimated to have a size of about two feet in length,
 "it had the body shape of a pig—kind of a fat stomach, middle area. And the canines were just ridiculously large."

"I didn't know if it was some creature from around here. I'm from Massachusetts and I don't see shit like that ever. My friends were like no, I've never seen anything like that and were pretty tripped up about it. I thought it was pretty funny and kind of mysterious." - Josh Menard compared the said monster to the chupacabra images that proliferated he internet before and here are the comparisons between the two:
1) Its hind legs are longer than its front pair;
2) It appears to be mostly hairless;
3) It looks creepy.
The said monster still needs to be proven real but one thing's for sure, it is indeed an eerie sight to see if you're just spending a quiet day on San Diego.

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