Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gold Digger Wife Files for Divorce Against her ‘Ugly Husband’ after Spending all the Wedding Money

Gold Digger Wife Files for Divorce Against her ‘Ugly Husband’ after Spending all the Wedding Money

If there are a long list of successful marriages, there's also a room for the failed relationships/marriages. It might be due to different point of views in life, the spark was gone, etc. But, one couple from China is headed for divorce due to a very bizarre reason.

Hubei, China - It only took a month of being formally married for a woman to fully decide on calling it quits with her newly married husband. The woman already filed for divorce and her reasons might shock you. The woman filed for divorce for reasons that her husband was too ‘ugly’ to the point that she cannot even sleep with him.

Her 30-year-old husband, Xiao Tian was in great shock to know about his wife's complaint on his looks/appearance. Her wife even goes far with putting on a foul-smelling medicinal creams to make him go away from her. But Xiao Tian did not give up and believed that it was his duty to consummate the marriage, so he jumped into bed with her one night. Before anything can happen, his wife excused herself to the bathroom.

He did not suspected that his wife is already contacting the police once she got inside the bathroom. She told the police that her husband is being very abusive and uses force to rape her that's why the police took her to the police station to keep her safe from her husband.

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Few weeks have gone by and Xiao Tian received a divorce notice on grounds stating that he's being too abusive on their marriage. He was shocked and he even recalls that he had given his wife’s family a large dowry, but after spending it all, his wife now demands a divorce.

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