Sunday, November 12, 2017

Footage of Creepy Masked Figures Stalking Group of Friends Creeps Out Viewers

Footage of Creepy Masked Figures Stalking Group of Friends Creeps Out Viewers

If you happen to be one of the millions out there who loves watching horror/suspense film genres, you're most likely aware that the masked men/women are being portrayed as vicious killers on slasher horror films. Movies like Strangers, You're Next, The Purge, etc. has that theme, right? But what if there are really people who idolizes them and plans to terrorize any innocent people who stands in their way?

A group of friends in Auckland, New Zealand got the shock of their lives as a day of filming a skit for a school project suddenly turns to a creepy experience. The creepiness started when a camera operator noticed a strange pair of figures walking out of the forest. The figures appeared to be two young people consisting of one male and one female. The eerie part is that both are wearing creepy masks to hide their identity. As the two gets closer, the camera noticed that both of them were armed.

The man who uploaded the video says that a police helicopter began circling the area as they were discussing the footage with their tutors. The said status/video was also posted on the Auckland police Facebook page. They are urging the two to make their presence known. Though this act may be considered as a prank, the video seriously creep out anyone who are residing in Auckland as they may pose a huge threat to their safety.

Watch the video here: 


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