Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Ghost Car that Vanished Into Thin Air

A video was uploaded on the Internet before that shows a police chase in Garden City, Georgia. The car chase may seem normal if you look at it but there's something creepy in it that's why it was called the "GHOST CAR of Garden City."

 In the video, police officers are attempting to pull over a white vehicle that is driving erratically. The car furiously moves off the highway, hits a dirt road, and comes to a dead end. It then moves to the left and disappears behind a chain-link fence.

The Ghost Car that Vanished Into Thin Air

The creepy thing about it is that the driver was never caught and it was even revealed that the area beyond the fence was wooded with no roads. People are shocked that the car they see in the video is actually a ghost car that has no plans of being caught by any living entity.



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