Friday, October 13, 2017

Security Cameras Captures Video of Disneyland Ghost Roaming Around

Security Cameras Captures Video of Disneyland Ghost Roaming Around

Any kid who grew up with Disney's life-changing animation movies will find it hard to resist to go to Disneyland. The amusement park that kids and young at heart adults love to visit once in a while to unwind and have fun with Disney's iconic characters and famous rides. But would you believe that there's something eerie lurking behind the shadows on Disneyland?

It's a well-established fact that there are some bizarre and eerie urban legends regarding Disneyland. And to name them all may take some time and courage as you cannot believe or imagine that those speculations may be real. One of those legends tells us that the famous park is supposedly haunted by various ghosts, including the ghost of Walt Disney himself.

And to make it more creepy this time, a video courtesy from security cameras at the park allegedly captured one of the ghosts that's haunting the park. The ghost was caught walking around at night. Are you ready to see Disneyland in a different light this time?


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