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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Married TV Personality Wakes Up To Find His Testicles Stolen After Having Fun With A Blonde In A Sauna

Married TV Personality Wakes Up To Find His Testicles Stolen After Having Fun With A Blonde In A Sauna

As time goes by, various ways of organ trades in the black market has shown up and this time, their targets are not just ordinary individuals anymore. Several gangs are now also targeting TV personalities and the methods they used to lure any victims gets sneakier and sinister as ever.

30-year-old TV Personality Dmitry Nikolaev, is believed to be the target of a gang that roams around hangouts to look for potential victims wherein they can harvest organs to sell on the black market. Nikolaev just woke up with his testicles removed from him, the only thing he can remember was that he had a drink with a young blonde in a bar.

According to MailOnline, Nikolaev narrated what happened to him moments before he fell asleep and got his testicles stolen from him by an organ-snatching gang. He told authorities that he only had a drink with a young blonde woman which he met at a bar in a theatre from Moscow. The two got laong well as she invited him to a sauna. There are beliefs that his drink was drugged to make him fall asleep.
 ‘They kissed and had some more beer and after that the actor remembers nothing.’ - police source to MailOnline 

Nikolaev then woke up the next day at a bus stop in acute pain and noticed blood coming from his trousers. He got hospitalized and he was told by the medical staff that his testicles had been removed and what shocks them is that the procedure of removing his testicles was most likely done by a medical professional.

Police believes that the gang is stealing human organs to sell on the black market and they did not only consist of con artists to lure victims, they also have doctors who cooperates with their operations.

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