Monday, October 2, 2017

La Pascualita: The Mystery Behind The Corpse Bride

La Pascualita: The Mystery Behind The Corpse Bride

Weddings are one of the most anticipated events any woman could have wished for. Aside from being able to raise a family and bear a child, getting married and having a grandiose wedding gown are one of the most solidifying moments of womanhood. That's why shopping for the perfect wedding gown is meticulously done. But what would you do if a bridal shop you go to has a creepy urban legend behind its successful name?

La Pascualita: The Mystery Behind The Corpse Bride

 In Chihuahua, Mexico, there's a famous bridal shop that features one of the most talked about urban legends by the locals. The mannequin named is named La Pascualita. Pascuala,The owner of the shop named it Pascualita meaning "daughter." The mannequin looked so beautiful and real, so real that it had stood the test of time. It became the shop's main mannequin for more than 75 years. The urban legend says that La Pascualita moves at night, changes her position that scares anyone could witness the said extraordinary talent of the mannequin. At day, La Pascualita's eyes said to move and follow anyone who looks at her eyes. The creepier part is that La pascualita isn't only a mannequin, She was indeed a corpse that was embalmed to look like a mannequin.

La Pascualita: The Mystery Behind The Corpse Bride

Why is that? The story goes that La Pascualita was the daughter of Pascuala. Everything is going smooth on her life not until her wedding day. She was bitten by a black widow causing her death. Poor Pascualita looked so beautiful and lifeless at the same time, She was not able to walk down the aisle. She was embalmed by her mother and since then, her beauty was used to attract more shoppers to their bridal shop. That's why bride-to-be's always pray to her and give her presents as well because they believe that she is a saint. Some believes that they need to give her presents because they don't want her to stop the wedding, they say that Pascualita may want other brides to be like her, unmarried.

It was mother's love that made Pascuala decide to preserve her daughter's existence and turned her into a mannequin. Her authentic look and regal beauty never fails to get the attention of the visitors. It is only Pascuala and trusted workers who get to change La Pascualita's couture dresses. Pascuala denied the urban legend and claims that the mannequin is just too majestic that it looks like a real human being.

Despite her confirmation that La Pascualita is only a mannequin, The urban legend has its own life and cult of believers that until now thinks that the beautiful mannequin was once a beautiful human being.


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