Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bullied Boy Hires A Murderer To End His Problems With His Classmates

Bullying, most especially in schools is a worldwide burden that may lead to negative consequences for the school. It also takes away the right of students to learn in a safe, friendly and loving environment without the feeling of fear. Bullying does not only leave scars on your body, it also leaves scar marks on your soul. That's why people should look into ways to stop bullying.

Bullied Boy Hires A Murderer To End His Problems With His Classmates

Meet Lin, he lives with his mother who happens to be his sole guardian. Lin is a frail and scrawny young lad who knows that he is never going to win against his bullies. He goes to school with a fear of getting to end the day with his bullies' consistent ways of humiliating him. The desperation to end his problem, he outsourced the job.

Lin is always mocked for his father’s unfortunate death at the railway tracks. He lived his life that way, being mistreated by bullies. But he already had enough of the bullying, he couldn't take it anymore as he reaches out to a pastry vendor, the only person he knows that have shown utter disregard for the bullies.

To make his plan come into fruition, he steals money from his mom. But his plan did not go the way as planned.


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