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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

In March 2015, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be returning to its energy and this time it will be doubled since scientists are aiming to have 13 TeV (teraelectron volts) that is said to be a type of energy that was never achieved by any accelerators in the history.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and most powerful particle collider, built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) from 1998 to 2008.

Its aim is to allow physicists to test the predictions of different theories of particle physics and high-energy physics like the Standard Model, and particularly prove or disprove the existence of the theorized Higgs boson and of the large family of new particles predicted by supersymmetric theories.The discovery of a particle matching the Higgs boson was confirmed by data from the LHC in 2013. The LHC is expected to address some of the unsolved questions of physics, advancing human understanding of physical laws. It contains seven detectors, each designed for certain kinds of research.

The LHC was built in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries, as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories. It lies in a tunnel 27 kilometres (17 mi) in circumference, as deep as 175 metres (574 ft) beneath the

Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. It is also the longest machine ever built.
- Wkipedia
LHC is used by scientists to perform studies that could give us a better understanding to our universe, but LHC is also rumored that gibving knowledge is not its sole purpose why it was built. It was said in conspiracy theories that the LHC is actually a STAR GATE that was built to bring back ANNUNAKI to our world.

Anunnaki: are the Sumerian deities of the old primordial line; they are chthonic deities of fertility, associated eventually with the underworld, where they became judges. They take their name from the old sky god An. - wikipedia
Some conspiracy theories were led to their conclusions due to the fact the CERN's entrance has a statue of the Hindu deity Shiva. a symbol of “creation and destruction.” It was also believed that it was placed outside of CERN to appease the gods since they fear that the LHC can be the cause of the end of the world.
“The Nataraja in Ananda Tandava shows Him dancing the universe into existence, sustaining it with His rhythm and dancing it to extinction. Creation is sparked by the vibration of the drum in the right hand; protection of sustenance by the open palm of the front right arm, a gesture of assurance that grants freedom from fear. The fire in the left arm dissolves the universe while the front left arm points downward to the lifted left leg, the solace of the worlds.”

Theorists believe that this statue has a deeper symbolism on CERN. According to theories, CERN uses scientific research as a disguise and LHC is the living testament that they are attempting to create a star gate. A STAR GATE is known to be a portal to another universe or time.

According to other conspiracy theories, The scientists at CERN are only disguising as researchers as they are part of a doomsday cult-like group that worships ANNUNAKI and the LHC is an attempt to build a star gate that can bring ANNUNAKI and other ancient Gods back to earth.

Conspiracy Theories about CERN and its LHC linking them to doomsday machinery will get stronger as March 2015 is coming soon.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Escanaba Power Plant Explosion Accompanied with Strange Beams of Light

We are all witnesses on the numerous changes that takes place in our environment, but is there a concrete explanation to these changes? .

Just like what happened to Escanaba, residents shockingly awoke to find themselves without power due to a mysterious explosion at a power plant located in Escanaba, Michigan.  The said explosion caused the neighborhood to be covered in darkness.

The explosion was accompanied by a strange light that one reader said "shot straight down from the heavens." While the local media attempted to explain away the light as an oncoming train, most readers weren't buying it. - Allnewspipeline
 Here are the reactions of the residents to the said explosion:

  • "This morning, about 1:15, we had a major malfunction out at the Power Plant substation with an explosion, Which, in turn caused major outages throughout the entire city. We haven't done a situational review yet, We haven't had time, we've been trying to get power. With the outside temperatures this morning down to five or six, we're trying to get people warm." - City Manager Jim O'Toole
  • "My husband works in the power station there, and he called at 1:30 in the morning and said, 'Don't freak out, there's been an explosion but everybody's fine, I knew everybody was safe and no one was hurt. - Escanaba resident Rhonda Goodwin
  • "The temperatures were actually below zero this morning,And, without heat in your home, you're either going to be bundling up or you're going to find a place that's nice and warm to go, and that's what the Warming Center is all about." - Naomi Fletcher, with the Escanaba Civic Center. 
  •  "My roommate and I were asleep for the most part, We got up around 8:30-8:30ish, and it was really, really cold from there on.'' - Escanaba resident Victoria Alvarado
  • " I woke up about 1:30 [A.M.], and the humidifier wasn't running, So, I thought, 'Huh, it must be out of water.' So I get up, I go to the kitchen, flick the light on and I start walking away and I go, 'What the heck, the light didn't go on. This is a good community and I'm glad that I live here, [it's a] great place." - Resident Brian Berkholtz
  • "It could've been the power plant, it could've been my husband, We'd be feeling a whole lot different today than what I'm feeling now, so [I'm] just grateful. It's a good feeling to be able to help, you know? When you see that tiny little baby over there and know that he's warm, and you know, that's all we can do. If I didn't have heat, I'd want somebody to do this for me. It's actually a godsend, because even though we've been here a few years, we do not know a whole lot of people," - Escanaba resident Rhonda Goodwin
Watch the video here:


“World's Fattest Woman” Plans to Slim Down for Wedding

Love is truly a force that could make anyone believe in starting over again and doing things right, Love can make you decide on changing for the better to benefit your relationship. And looks like that was proven to be true by the World's Fattest Woman as she finally decided to shed unwanted weight in preparations for her big wedding.

Meet Charity Pierce, a 38-year old woman who was dubbed as the world’s fattest woman due to her weight of 765 pounds. She lived her life without thinking of shedding her weight but looks like love made her changed her mind. Charity met a much younger man named Tony Saur. Charity weighs twice as much as Tony Sauer at an alarming 54.6 stone and needs to lose almost half her bulk so she can have a life-saving gastric bypass operation. Amidst all of this,They eventually fell in love with each other and they decided to be together forever as they got engaged. The preparations for the wedding is going well but there's something that Charity needs to decide in order to have her wedding moving and be a success.

“World's Fattest Woman” Plans to Slim Down for Wedding

Charity and her fiance decided that she needs to lose weight for their wedding. Charity insisted she will do everything she can do to make sure their wedding day doesn't have to take place in their living room. Charity wants to walk down the aisle and enjoy her first dance and it will only be possible if she decides to lose weight.

 "I’m determined not to have to get married at home. I want to be able to walk up the aisle. We both love country music so I plan to wear a wedding dress, cowboy boots and cowgirl hat and Tony will be in jeans and cowboy boots. I want a big area, lots of people there and I want to dance all night and have the best honeymoon ever.” - Charity Pierce
Charity who has been housebound since 2001 was warned by her doctors that her life hangs in the balance if she don't do drastic measures to lose weight. Sauer said that he is truly worried about her fiance's health and he does not want to lose her only because of her big weight. Charity's mission is to lose enough weight so that doctors can perform bypass surgery on her. The 38 year old woman has already reduced her calorie intake from 10,000 to only 1,200 per day to start her journey on losing the unwanted weight.

 "I’m worried about having a heart attack or a stroke and dying in my sleep. My dream goal is to be 14 stone and get married to my fiancé. I don’t want much. I just want to have a life.” - Charity Pierce
Charity Pierce is trying to get a reality TV show to document her weight loss journey as she firmly believes that it will help her to remain motivated and determined to slim down.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Uncanny Winged Creature Flying Over Chile Captured On Video

What would you do if you see a strange creature flying over the skies of your hometown? Would you still be able to bear seeing it flying from one tree to another before you come running for your own safety? Or are you one of the brave souls who are able to shrug off their nerves and starts videotaping the strange sighting?

Something strange showing an uncanny winged creature apparition was reported on September 29 around 21:00 near Bustamante Park in the downtown area of Chile. A strange flying creature was seen flying from one tree to another. The creature's size was estimated to be 2 meters tall and shaped like a manta ray. A witness was able to tell what does the flying creature looks like and what its doing on that seemingly normal day.

Meet Ignacio, the witness to the brief and strange flying creature sighting.,He disclosed what he knows about the incident to a journalist Juan Andrés Salfate on Canal La Red. Ignacio described the flying creature with wings from the upper part of its body down to its lower part. He even made a sketch drawing of what he saw that was also able to be included on the report. His testimony soon got included in other places. Another witness in the person of Sylvia confirmed that the flying creature has some resemblances to a human being and a flying manta ray. The testimonies from different witnesses even got stronger in quantities as even on e-mails, witnesses proved what they saw on that day:
“My wife and I saw this creature in one of the towers of the San Francisco church in Santa Isabel, and it was eating something similar to a dog. I think that if you inspect this tower you will find its remains. Unfortunately, I have no evidence to give you beyond my wife’s report and my own.”
Watch the Video here:


The September 20 incident was only part of the recorded events reported so often in Santiago. The said sighting gives its viewers a question regarding its real identity, origin and intentions. Are they only a huge bird flying in the skies or an illusion made from sunlight and other natural causes, an edited footage to attract attention? or are there winged creatures that is waiting for us to discover their existence? You are the one to decide.

Dog Suddenly Teleports Out Of Thin Air During A Street Race In Chile

A street racer's fear is to hit an innocent living being while on a race but what happens when the street race turns into a paranormal/creepy experience?

A video from a street race in Chile shows a race and as two cars pass and the camera pans around, a dog suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts crossing the road.

4-Year-Old Boy Admits That He Was Possessed By A Marine Who Already Died 30 Years Ago

A mother from Virginia Beach is vocal about her concerns regarding her son who she believes that may be possessed by the ghost of a Marine who died in a violent terrorist attack.

Meet Michelle Lucas, the mother of a four-year-old boy named Andrew who alarmed her relatives as he keeps on talking about the life and death of Marine Sergeant Val S. Lewis who was not related to their family. Lewis died in a 1983 terrorist attack in Lebanon.The Daily Mail reported that Lewis was one of 241 service members who got killed in a terrorist attack in Beirut, Lebanon on 1983.
"He just starts crying hysterically and I say, ‘What’s wrong Andrew,’ and he says ‘Why did you let me die in that fire?" - Michelle Lucas

Michelle is bothered because she does not know why her son Andrew have known the story of the dead marine. Her son's constant behavior led her to believe that her son is possessed by the spirit of the dead marine.
"Scared me, scared me, I didn’t know if there was a spirit coming out of him, I didn’t know if there was a spirit coming out of him."- Michelle Lucas
Until now, Michelle and her family still believes that Andrew is truly possessed by a spirit from the past.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

In a world where it is hard to earn money, Some people may result to doing anything just to earn easy money. And looks like this video that shows a teenager pretending to have found $100 on the ground shows how some people would try to get that ka-ching ka-ching.

As the teen faked finding a $100 on the floor, A grown woman suddenly shows up and who even promises to God claims that the money was hers. The woman tries to convince the teen that it is really hers but we all know she's just making it all up since it is only a joke that the teen found that dollar bill. Watch as the woman erupts, just to find out it was all a joke.

Watch the video here:

They say that in every family, Parents find it hard to see their children go sick or hurt. The parental instinct is always known to be very protective and loving, It's like they will do anything to shield their child from pain and agony. But how would you react if your own parents beg your doctors to have you die instead?

Couple Begs Official To Let Their 4-Year Old Daughter Die

A couple from China who happens to be parents of a four-year-old child named Zhao Zihan who was stricken with eye cancer wants their own daughter die instead. The parents firmly believes that it's not good for their daughter to live her life anymore as they she her to be suffering all the time. They already begged officials to allow her life to end as soon as possible.

It has been two years ago when Zhao Zihan got diagnosed with cancer, Ever since she got diagnosed, her parents said that their daughter only lives her life as a nightmare filled with numerous hospital visits and painful medical treatment. Her lefty eye was already removed but it did not eradicate the cancer cells from penetrating her body, She now have a massive painful growth on the side of her neck.

"We can't bear to see her like this anymore.She is suffering all the time, and we have taken her every hospital and every specialist that we could, and everyone has told us it incurable. There is no hope." - Zhao Lipeng, 27-Year old dad of Zhao Zihan


It was confirmed by the hospital that her condition is already terminal and incurable. The said confirmation and multiple painful medical processes they went through, He and his 25-year-old wife Lili had finally made a heartbreaking decision to end their daughter's suffering instead of letting her live in agony
"We want her to leave this life peacefully, not in agony." - Zhao Lipeng
Though mercy killing or also known as Euthanasia is already legal to some parts of the world, It is still illegal under current Chinese law, which makes it hard for the parents of Zhao Zihan to have her die instead of going to numerous medical treatments.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Drunk Student Melted His Own Arm

Partying is fun and mostly people who attend parties enjoys the festivities and the environment. Sometimes too much enjoyment leads to regrets. Just like what a man had experienced after attending a party. The man is said to be a student who only attended a New Year's party to enjoy the night but things went out of hand and led to him melting his own arm.
‘It really hurt,’ 

The 21-year-old student asked for his identity to remain anonymous as he shared his story to the media. He admitted that he went out for a couple of light beverages with his friends. Things were all going well and fun until he fell asleep against a comfy radiator. When he fell asleep it was turned off but eventually the radiator turned on during the night.

The student was so shocked when he woke up with his arm being melted, He confessed that he needed to "peel himself off" first thing in the morning.
‘The vodka and beers were flying everywhere and I took it a bit far. When I came back I was hammered and I fell asleep against the radiator which was cold at the time. I thought “Jesus, my arm’s stuck on a radiator, what am I going to do?I had to peel myself off. It really hurt.’
The student was rushed to the hospital to have his arm checked and receive medical attention.

Woman Has Unusual Cravings For Toilet Paper: Eats Toilet Paper Roll A Day

Who does not love food? Food is essential to our body in order for us to live. Though, we need to eat in moderation for us to avoid getting those unwanted weight. Food cravings is hard to resist especially if you are pregnant, since there are hormonal changes on your body that makes you look forward on eating a specific type of food. But what if you are craving to eat something that is not edible when you are pregnant and you have grown to love eating that thing even after you gave birth?

Meet Jade Sylvester, A 25-year old mother who have started to experience a bizarre craving for toilet paper during his pregnancy with his youngest son. Worst is, After a year of giving birth to her son, She still cannot resist craving for toilet paper. It was admitted by Jade that she is able to eat up to a loo roll a day.

Jade is suspected to have PICA, A bizarre eating desire for things that are non-edible.

PICA is characterized by an appetite for substances that are largely non-nutritive, such as paper, clay, metal, chalk,soil, glass, or sand. According to DSM-IV criteria, for these actions to be considered pica, they must persist for more than one month at an age where eating such objects is considered developmentally inappropriate, not part of culturally sanctioned practice and sufficiently severe to warrant clinical attention. There are different variations of pica, as it can be from a cultural tradition, acquired taste, or a neurological mechanism such as an iron deficiency or a chemical imbalance. It can lead to intoxication in children, which can result in an impairment in both physical and mental development. In addition, it can also lead to surgical emergencies due to an intestinal obstruction as well as more subtle symptoms such as nutritional deficiencies and parasitosis. Pica has been linked to mental disorders and they often have psychotic comorbidity. Stressors such as maternal deprivation, family issues, parental neglect, pregnancy, poverty, and a disorganized family structure are strongly linked to pica. - Wikipedia
'Two months into the pregnancy, I started craving toilet roll. I still don't know why. I like the feeling of the texture in my mouth, rather than the taste. I like the dryness. My family tell me it isn't very good for me - but I can't help it.' - Jade Sylvester
Pica is not something that we should ignore as it may pose a threat to our lives. It can cause a range of serious complications if the person gets to do it too much or eat something that's poisonous.

Jade's hormonal changes during pregnancy may have something to do with her condition but if she was doing it already during her pregnancy, She and her son may be at risk. It is because eating non-food substances may interfere with the nutrients from healthy food being absorbed and cause a deficiency. Fortunately, Jade's son was healthy and did not acquired any deficiencies.
'I thought the cravings would stop after I gave birth but they haven't. I can't quit. I keep coming back for more. It can't be doing my insides any good, but it hasn't caused me any health problems or any illness. While I was pregnant I went to the loo and looked at the toilet roll and thought 'I have to eat that' - I know it sounds silly. Today I try and hold off going to the bathroom because I know if I go I will eat the paper. I usually eat around eight pieces per visit - sometimes I go to the bathroom just to get some toilet roll. It does fill me up quite a bit. At first I used to eat a couple of squares at a time, but I keep eating more and more.' -  Jade Sylvester

Jade even shared that she waits until it is her time to go to the toilet so that she can eat sheets of toilet tissue in private.  She even have her favorite and preferred brands of toilet paper. Jade have 5 children and she hides eating toilet paper from them because she knows they will stop her.
'I try to hide it from my kids, if they spot me eating toilet roll they tell me off. If my daughter sees me she says, 'spit it out Mummy, spit it down the toilet'.' - Jade Sylvester
Jade's unusual craving for toilet paper still needs to be stopped and it will only happen once she is already committed on changing her cravings.

The Intriguing Mystery Of Leprechaun Mummy of Wyoming

Native American tribes were best known to tell tales of legendary “tiny people,” “little spirits”, or the "Nimerigar." According to them, these small people had amazing magical powers, that's said to be healing powers. In other tale versions,the little creatures were known as enemies of the Native Americans and they attacked them with poisoned arrows.
The Nimerigar are legendary race of little people found in the folklore of the Shoshone people of North America's Rocky Mountains. 
According to Shoshone tales, the Nimerigar were an aggressive people who would shoot poisoned arrows from tiny bows. Nimerigar were said to have lived in the Wind River and Pedro ranges of Wyoming. Although thought to be mythical, the reality of Nimerigar tales was called into question in 1932 with the discovery of the San Pedro Mountains Mummy, a 14-inch-tall mummy found in a cave 60 miles south of Casper, Wyoming, which was originally thought to be that of an adult male. The mummy was examined using X-rays which determined that it was the body of an anencephalic infant "whose cranial deformity gave it the appearance of a miniature adult." A second mummy examined by University of Wyoming anthropologist George Gill and the Denver Children's Hospital in the 1990s was also shown to be an anencephalic infant. DNA testing showed it to be Native American and radiocarbon dating dated it to about 1700. - Wikipedia
The tales of these creatures became more prominent when two gold hunters within the San Pedro Mountains in Wyoming unexpectedly found a small cavern that's buried deep within a thick rock. The gold hunters checked the cavern and they shockingly discovered a well-preserved remains of a tiny human creature. They called it Pedro.

When Pedro got discovered, Scientists and theorists took advantage of its remains to further know the origin of the said tiny human., Invasive testing and X-rays were conducted. There are some anthropologists who initially tested and tried to unlock the origin of the remains. Their tests led them to a conclusion that the said remains were those of an infant that was most likely born prematurely or died shortly right after birth.

However,Another set of scientists testified that the remains is from an adult which is 16-65 years in age. X-rays revealed that the remains have sharp teeth, and presence of food in the stomach that appeared to be raw meat. The x-rays also suggested that Pedro died a gruesome death due to broken bones, ruined spine and broken skull.

If there are contradicting theories stating that Pedro is an infant or a grown man, There are also beliefs that Pedro is from a Leprechaun-like race. Though modern testing could finally give us a definite explanation to Pedro's origin, It is quite impossible to happen for now since the remains has been unknown for several years. It is also said that the remains were put on display in the 1940s, and were then purchased by a man named Ivan Goodman.
A leprechaun (Irish: leipreachán) is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, usually taking the form of an old man, clad in a red or green coat, who enjoys partaking in mischief. Like other fairy creatures, leprechauns have been linked to the Tuatha Dé Danann of Irish mythology. The Leprechauns spend all their time busily making shoes, and store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If ever captured by a human, the Leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release. Popular depiction shows the Leprechaun as being no taller than a small child with a beard and hat. - Wikipedia
Through Goodman’s death in 1950, the remains were passed on to another man named Leonard Waller and ever isnce he got the remains, the public was not able to see Pedro anymore. It is quite frustrating that with how advanced our current technology is, We weren't able to finally unlock the mystery of Pedro until then, theories from our ancestors, enthusiasts and scientists will be varying from time to time.

Video Of Demon Hands Terrorizing A Man Captured

The "DEMON HANDS" video begins with someone running through their home which holds a camera around. The background noise sounds like there's a chaos happening outside as sirens can be heard roaring simultaneously.

The creepy part starts when the man turns on a flashlight, he then sees unexplainable, bizarre, pale arms begin growing down from the ceiling. And the even creepier part is when the hands starts to multiply and the fear heats up stronger as those hands start to go near the man. Can it be that the demon truly attacked the man?

Watch the Video here:


Monday, January 15, 2018

Village Captures Orangutans and Used Them as Prostitutes

They say that every living thing in this world deserves some respect. Just like Mother Earth, though there are lots of people who tries to scalp all of its natural resources, there are still people who are active on making a stand against it. Same with Animals, Several animal protection groups are spreading the word about condemning animal cruelty and also stopping the abuse for the poor animals. Even if you are not an animal lover, this news about a village that's known to be a "prostitute village" takes pride on capturing Orangutans to use them as "Sex Slaves" to the locals and foreign visitors who are willing to pay a hefty amount of money to use the innocent orangutans to satisfy their unusual lust.

Meet Pony, an Orangutan in Borneo who was luckily got rescued years ago from a "prostitute village", the village got known for its rampant exploitation taking place every day in the expense of the innocent orangutans. Pony had been held as a sex slave in a village, she was tied by her ankle to a wall on a mattress. Her body was shaved every day to give her that appealing look to attract men who came to pay to have sex with her. The rescue for Pony was not an easy ride since whenever anyone tries to save her, they were threatened by villagers with poison-tipped sticks and other weapons.

It took a lot of time, advocates, mercenaries, and of course, money to have Pony freed from the prostitution den where she was being held captive by the locals of the village. They don't want Pony to get away from them because there are people who goes to their village who happens to practice bestiality and it was proven that Pony is their moneymaker.

Aside from prostitution, Orangutans are also facing a lot of problems such as losing their natural habitat as their trees were being cut off to make way for plantations which leads to their brutal and gruesome deaths, Which makes their species endangered. Some stories of how this poor orangutans lost their mothers by the hands of greedy human beings. They kill the mothers of the orangutans and takes their babies to exploit, sell or even make them as pet toys.  It is estimated that their species will be extinct by this year, 2015.

A petition is currently circulating, directed to Dana Kartakasuma at the Ministry of Environment in Jarkarta, Indonesia. The petition aims to stop the use of Orangutans for prostitution immediately. Everyone is encouraged to lend their voices to these poor animals who were being brutally exploited, murdered, sold, etc. You can also send an e-mail directly to Mr. Kartakasuma to demand an end to the exploitation and murder of Orangutans at the following contact information:

Mr. Dana A. Kartakusuma, Ministry of Environment
JI. D. I. Panjaitan Kebon Nanas
Jakarta - 13410
Tel: + 62 21 851 7148, + 62 21 8590 4937
Fax: + 62 21 851 7147, + 62 21 859 04937
E-The Controversial Files


Animals deserves to have their lives lived by them, on their own conditions. They don't deserve this type of humiliation, exploitation and prostitution.

As time passes by, The level of technology also evolves and its truly beneficial to everyone. It can be used as a source for communication, It can be used for learning, etc, One oft he advantages of our evolving technology is that it provides a lot of new approach and methods to any research. One favorite topic would be UFOs, Technology helps any researcher to gather evidences to the existence of UFOs and its shapes from disc-like shape to spheres to orbs to tubular to triangular and other shapes, You name it. They have it.

One of the most mind-boggling and interesting types of sightings are those of human-like beings that has the ability to fly. The term "Human-like" was coined due to the reason that they mostly look like us, a normal human being. The only thing that sets them apart from us is that they have "WINGS."

The Humanoid Flying Creatures From Mexico

In March 2000, a UFO sightings reported in Mexico happened when Salvador Guerrero had a rare sighting. Guerrero encountered something so strange that it has paved the way for an entirely new chapter in the history of Mexican UFO research. Guerrero found something bizarre that's not common that time when you compare it to the roster of UFO sightings before. Salvador thought the object could be a dark UFO high in the sky, so he started videotaping the sighting. But when he zoomed it, he couldn't believe what he saw through the viewfinder.

A dark humanoid figure was seen to be floating at a high altitude. The dark humanoid creature remained stationary in the same spot for more minutes, it is said to be spinning slowly with arms and legs 'outstretched' all the time. The human-like figure then began to move, disappearing behind a building.

Another similar incident also showed up in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Amado Marquez also videotaped an odd thing in the sky but due to the bizarre nature of the sighting he decided not to make the video public. Marques described that it was only a dark object at first that was approaching as he began videotaping it. Marquez described what he caught on camera as a "little man" flying horizontally in a standing position with the legs opened all the time.

Gerardo Valenzuela also had an unusual encounter with a dark tall body with human-like characteristics that seems to be descending slowly over the valley.

Ana Luisa Cid and two more witnesses also reported that they have videotaped another dark object that looked like a big black body below and a kind of vibrating structure above, joined together and almost stationary. Ana videotaped what she thought was a helicopter at first but after a few more minutes, the dark figure appeared from below and got absorbed by the bigger figure, It split apart and the lower body looked like a big dark creature with a cloak-like waving to the air while the upper body looked like a winged creature. This bizarre and strange incident is popularly known as 'The Entity Reunion in the Sky' and remains a complete mystery up until now.

If the said figures that possesses human-like characteristics and flying abilities are considered to be true, Then there's a need for us to be more alert and open to seeing and discovering these kind of creatures. We might not know yet its origins and all we have to do for now is to be more vigilant while dedicated researchers are doing their best to unfold the mysteries behind the Humanoid Flying Creatures.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Man Fired For Not Coming To Work After 24 years

Landing a job is a very fulfilling achievement anyone can say because you finally felt that you have been given a chance to prove to the world what you have learned from years of studying. That's why people do everything just to keep their jobs like making sure they adhere to every rules and regulations set by the company and avoid being late or absent, But looks like a man from India did not bother following some rules as he did not go to work for 24 years but is still employed on his work.

Meet Shri A.K. Verma, an executive engineer to India's Central Public Works Department (CPWD), He took an earned leave in December 1990 and since then, he never came back to work. What is weird his story is that it took his company 24 years and one month to fire him "for unauthorized absence from duty." Yes, His company took 24 years to realize that he should be fired.

Verma used extensions of his initial leave but they were not granted, But he still refused to come to work. In 1992, he received an inquiry against him and in 2007, the then-minister of urban development hrew charges on him. However, he was still not terminated until now.

According to Reuters, India's labor laws are so restrictive and finds it very difficult to fire a public official for any reason except from criminal misconduct. Good thing, Times are changing as the India's Minister of Urban Development Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu directed a review of cases this year which led to Verma's fate.

ATM Explodes In Robber's Face: A Case of Karma?

Criminals nowadays are more brave and equipped with a lot of plots on how they can get their job done, that's why people are being advised to take extra care of their belongings at all times. Even ATM machines are not that safe as well since criminals have found ways on how to easily steal money from it. But, not all the time bad guys wins and that notion is proved by this viral video that shows a man trying to break into an ATM found his own karma.

The masked man puts some type of explosive onto the ATM machine and then started to light a match. Just when he thought that he is doing all fine, a fireball blew up and threw the robber to the ground. Truly he got a taste of his own medicine and bad luck for him because his mishap is recorded and now spreading all over the Internet.

Watch the video here:


Woman Used Potato As Contraception Had Its Roots Growing Inside Her Body

A Colombian woman is reported to be growing a potato inside her. The doctors from a central Colombian town have discovered that a potato is growing inside the woman who happens to be their patient. The woman admitted that she used potato to avoid unwanted pregnancy, she used the potato as a contraception. The doctors found out that the roots of the potato have unexpectedly lived on her  and is now growing inside her body.

According to Colombian Reports, The woman went to the hospital to complain about her excruciating stomach pains, The doctors examined her body and they discovered a potato growing inside her body, The woman admitted that her mother advised her to use potato inside her genitalia as a form of contraception.
"My mum told me that if I didn't want to get pregnant, I should put a potato up there, and I believed her,"
The woman left the potato inside her vagina for two weeks and she only started to doubt about its benefits on her body when she felt stomach pains. The doctors said that the potato's roots have found its way to germinate inside her vagina. The nurse who examined her vagina even found out that roots were already emerging from her  organ. The doctors immediately removed the potato from the woman's body without surgery.

Woman Used Potato As Contraception Had Its Roots Growing Inside Her Body

The case was said to be an example of poor  education to some of the Colombian families. Studies show that teenage pregnancy in Colombia were high due to refusal of medically approved contraceptives and proper s education. This refusals are said to be one of the huge factors that leads to unsafe  which can be the root causes of sexual diseases.

The woman who have grown potato inside her vagina have been told that the potato was removed already and she won't be suffering any long term effects from it. But, she was advised to go on education seminars to practice legit contraception.

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